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Child with Mother's Day Card

Mother's Day Ideas - Reasons Why Mom is Great and Pop Art Inspired Ideas

Mother’s day is coming up on Sunday, May 8th and I have some ideas to help make it a great day!

There are many reasons moms are great. To help let the mom in your life know how great she is, you can create a card listing them. Below is a card I created using Canva that I printed out and made into a card. This is an easy craft for kids as they use their own style to create a card and write (with an adult’s help if needed) why they think their mom is great. My mom loves flowers, so I used a flower design to make my card.

Why you are a great mom

Another idea is to give a pop art inspired card. You can create a card with all the gifts/activities that happened during her special day as a keepsake. In my example, a picture of mom is in the middle. She received flowers from dad, a special song on the guitar from Brian, the twins, Adelyn and Avery baked cupcakes, and Cayden gave her books off her wish list.

Pop art mother's day card

You can also create a pop art inspired card with mom as a superhero, as in my example below.

Pop art Mother's Day Card

I hope these ideas help you create a gift that is uniquely you for the mom in your life.