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Search and Find Tray

Search and Find Tray

Want a simple activity that will keep kids busy using items from around your house? How about making a search and find tray. A search and find tray is a tray that you put objects on and have kids search and find certain objects based on your directions. In the tray pictured above, there are letters, numbers, shapes, and different colored objects. There are a variety of ways you can use the tray. For example, for younger kids you can have them find all the letters, then all the numbers, and all the shapes. For older kids, you can give more specific directions by having them find all the triangles, or find the uppercase letters. You can also create a tray that has a theme, for example, an ocean tray or flower tray.

Search and Find Ocean Tray


Search and Find Flower Tray

The possibilities are endless! What if you don’t have a tray? No problem! You can use a plate or a small plastic bin, as long as it has a rim to keep objects inside the area. Please note, because of small objects that are used, this activity is best for kids ages 4 and up who will not put items in their mouths.