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xylocarp (coconut) cupcake

What are Xylocarp Cupcakes?

What are xylocarp cupcakes? Glad you asked! A xylocarp is a fruit with a hard outer shell. Coconuts are a type of xylocarp. Xylocarp cupcakes is a unique name for coconut cupcakes. Baking can become an opportunity for learning when using interesting names for common desserts. Another fun example is Chocolate Gâteau. A Chocolate Gâteau is a type of chocolate cake. A Gâteau cake is a sweet layer cake containing cream, fruit, or both. When introducing a new food to bake with your kids, here is an example of what you can do.

Name of the dessert: Chocolate Gâteau
(Include a picture if possible!)

Chocolate Cake
Meaning of the name: Gâteau in French means ‘cake’

Definition of Gateau
Ingredient list: (words and pictures combinations are helpful for beginner level readers!)

Directions: (words and pictures to help with following the directions)

Recipe - Directions
After you finished baking, take a picture of your finished cake and put in a special Dessert Book to look at later!

Amazing Work!

Looking for dessert names? Check out our easy reader book, Love Chibis ABC Alphabet bakery! You can get a copy here.