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Search and Find Tray

Search and Find Tray

Want a simple activity that will keep kids busy using items from around your house? How about making a search and find tray. A search and find tray is a tray that you put objects on and have kids search and find certain objects based on your directions. In the tray pictured above, there are lette...
xylocarp (coconut) cupcake

What are Xylocarp Cupcakes?

What are xylocarp cupcakes? Glad you asked! A xylocarp is a fruit with a hard outer shell. Coconuts are a type of xylocarp. Xylocarp cupcakes is a unique name for coconut cupcakes. Baking can become an opportunity for learning when using interesting names for common desserts. Another fun example ...
Color Bingo Board

Color Bingo

Colors, colors everywhere! There are so many ways to teach colors to kids. You can make teaching colors fun and engaging by making a game out of learning them! One game you can play is color bingo. Create a bingo board with different color words (i.e. red, yellow, blue, green, etc.) and have kids...